"All the Way", is an original poem, written specifically for a
Den Leader who led the den from Tigers to Arrow of Light,
Newly revised to include Arrow of Light Scouts and Girls!
Printed on your choice of background papers* and mounted in a
Beautiful Walnut Finish or Black Faux Marble
Wood Plaque with Plexi-Glass® cover.

Original Poem 'All the Way' shown on Eagle & Tiger background in Walnut finish Plaque
ONLY   $ 34.50
California Residents add 7.75% Sales Tax

Original Poem 'All the Way' shown on Wolf Canyon background in Black Marble-Look Plaque
  (discontinued background)       (discontinued background)
  Walnut Finish Plaque     Black Marble-Look Plaque*
*Black Marble-Look Wood additional $5.00

"All the Way"

It takes somebody Special to be a Den Leader, they say.
What would "they" say about someone who takes them "All the Way"?

From Tiger Cubs to Webelos -- Arrow of Light Scouts, too
The Scouts and Parents of this Den would like to say "Thank You".

But Thank You doesn't say enough for everything you've done.
It would take a million words, because we've had such fun.

Achievements, crafts, advancements, all the thrills that Cub Scouts seek,
It's amazing that you fit them all in just "One Hour a Week".

You never did desert us, though you had so much to do --
We all agree that “Special” is a word that describes you.

The time has come for us to part, but first we'd like to say:
"We are sincerely thankful that you led us All the Way".

                                                                                          --© 2006, 2018 Suzanne A. Lentchner


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  • This Poem is also
    available as a

    Deluxe Poem
    White Tiger Jungle
    Background **
          Walnut Finish Wood      
    This Poem is also
    available as a
    Photo Poem
    (Discontinued Background) **
    Burgundy Marble-Look Wood
    Black Brass face plate
    Gold Brass Engraving Plates

    ** 8.5” by 11” background paper is trimmed to fit smaller opening in plaque.
    (Some backgrounds not suitable for trimming. Please call for details.)

    All Poems © Suzanne A. Lentchner
    Poems may not be copied, in whole or in part, without written permission.

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